Sumter County Record Journal Holiday Deadlines

Deadline for Santa Letters is Fri., Dec. 8 for kids up to 2nd grade for the Santa Letters Christmas Special Edition. To submit please mail them to, drop them off at SCRJ Office at 210 Washington St., across from the Sumter County Courthouse, or fax them to 205-652-6100.

Deadline for the Dec. 28 and Jan. 4 editions is Fri., Dec. 22. SCRJ will be closed for the holidays Dec. 23-26 and Dec. 30-Jan. 1.

UWA Christmas Choral Concert – A Celebration of Light
UWA Christmas Choral Concert – A Celebration of Light will be Tues., Nov. 28 at 7:30 – 9 p.m. at Bibb Graves Auditorium



Keep Safety in Mind When Decorating for the Holidays

Watch how fast a dry tree goes up vs. a well hydrated tree…

If your winter holiday tradition includes an artificial or real Christmas tree, you need to be aware of the fire risks. The public buys more than 28 million live Christmas trees every year.* If your tree catches on fire, the fire can spread very quickly.
When you’re decorating with live trees, make sure you keep the tree hydrated. A dry Christmas tree that comes in contact with a flame can catch on fire in fewer than 10 seconds and spread fire and smoke throughout the home.
A few tips to keep your holiday decorations bright and safe:
Choose the freshest cut tree you can find. Check to see if the needles stay intact when you gently pull on a branch.
After making a fresh cut and placing the tree in a stand, immediately fill the stand’s water basin and keep it filled with water until you take the tree out after the holidays. Place electrical cords and lights away from the water.
Choose holiday lights that have a testing laboratory label attached, such as UL, and throw away any frayed or damaged light strands.
Place the tree several feet away from heat registers, space heaters, and fireplaces.
If you decorate with lit candles, make sure they are at least three feet away from the tree and 12 inches away from other decorations and anything else that can burn.
Fire is everyone’s fight. Learn more about holiday fire safety on the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) website: Follow USFA on Twitter at @USfire and on Facebook at

CHRISTMAS SUNDAY is an Alabama child hunger awareness and fund-raising effort created by ALAbundant, a Cullman-based, statewide non-profit. Here are specific actions ALAbundant encourages people in every municipality and county in Alabama to consider for reducing child hunger:
–Tell your personal story of child hunger to eliminate the stigma and give hope
–Ask your church to give a “love offering” on CHRISTMAS SUNDAY-you
–Create a “weekend food backpack” program for children receiving free/reduced fee school lunch; contact ALAbundant for details including registering with a food bank for bulk purchasing
–Put your compassion into action by volunteering at a food bank
–Teach or sponsor cooking classes and purchase cooking videos for your public library
–Plant an “Alabama vs. Child Hunger Victory Garden”
–Add your analytical thinking to research the child hunger problem in your county and your creative thinking to brainstorm solutions
–Be a $5 or $500 child hunger philanthropist this CHRISTMAS SUNDAY at .
100% of your donation to ALAbundant buys food for hungry, Alabama children.
The ALAbundant mission is based on one, simple idea: Alabama has an abundance of compassion, intellect and natural resources to end child hunger in our state.

Our favorite letters from 2016:
This is by no means all of the letters or the cutest. Just the staff favorites.


Dear Santa,
My name is Addy Reeves. How are you doing. I am 5 years old.  I hope I am on your nice list. I think I have been good. I would like a barbie doll, a 4-wheeler, a tablet, roller skates, a skateboard, a cooking set, boots, clothes, shoes, a beauty set and my daddy wants a new truck. Thank you so much and I will leave you some egg nog and cookies. I will leave carrots for your reindeer. Please buckle up and fly your sleigh safely. Love you Santa. Love, Addy Reeves.

Dear Santa,
My name is Hailey Lezion Moore. I been a good girl all year so you can bring me something good and on my list. I would like you to bring me a doll house, fourwheeler, cell phone and clothes and Santa my grandma always tell me to pray for the homeless so will you bless them with something to.  Thank you Santa.
Love, Hailey Moore

Dear Santa,
I wont for Crisma is a dollhouse. I wont for Crisma is a kenach set, I wont for Crisma is a toy dog, I want for Crisma is a pink toy car, I want for Crisma is a doll, I wont for Crisma is a phone, I want for Crisma is a pink basketball, I want for Crisma is a bike, I won’t for Crisma is a bed.
Love, Keava Washington

Dear Santa,
I would like to bwe honest.  First of all I have been somewhat bad, but I want you to know I am a child. We shold be good, but it don’t work that way. I am very sorry, so please forgive me and for Christmas forgive me and can I have all my family for Christmas and a few clothes and toys for a seven year old.
Love, Cordavious

Dear Santa,
I want a wind up helicopter, a wind up plane, robot, big boys bike, Xbox, WWE game, a basketball game, clothes, phone, shoes, millon dollers, earring for my MeMaw, a brand new house for my mom, a tattoo and that is all.
Love, Kaison Martin